Top 5 Places To Go Before You Have Kids

Romania is very child-friendly. We will however try to give you the best places to explore if you are looking to experience Romania before you start building your family tree. With a toddler, visiting a salt mine or cave can be difficult. It is also not as enjoyable when your baby is stressed about dressing.


1. Transfagarasan Road

Transfagarasan road and Transalpina road are the only ones in Europe. Transfagarasan’s purpose was to be a strategic military route. It runs North-South across the Carpathian Mountains. It passes through the Carpathian Mountains’ highest sections. Transfagarasan connects Transylvania to Wallachia. It’s something that you should at least try once in your entire life.

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2. Turda Salt Mine

Turda Salt Mine (or Turda) is a salt mine located in Turda city, Durgau Valea Sarata. This is the second largest city of Cluj County. Between 2008 and 2010 was the time when the salt mine’s development began. It was therefore possible to incorporate modern-day visiting criteria: an elevator with bird’s-eye view, a wheel equipped with gondolas, and a space for leisure with dockside where visitors can sail. The atmosphere in the mine is enhanced by its lighting. The mine is illuminated by neons hanging from its ceiling. Tourists will feel as though they are in a different age thanks to the radiant lighting. You should wear warm clothes as the salt mine temperatures are quite low.

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3. Poenari Citadel

Poenari Citadel in Arges County is Dracula’s Castle. This attraction is a must for those who love Dracula’s stories. Poenary Citadel can be found about 30km from Curtea de Arges. It is situated in Arges County. Visitors will need to climb 1480 steps up the citadel. However, it is well worth a visit.


4. Scarisoara Cave

Scarisoara Cave is located at an elevation of 1165m. The only way to visit Scarisoara Cave is with a guide. You should dress warmly as the cave temperature tends to be very low.

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5. Bran Castle – Dracula’s Castle

Bran Castle is perhaps the most iconic edifice that Romania has to offer. It is also known worldwide as Dracula’s Castel. Bram Stoker wrote the fictional Transylvanian Dracula in his novel “Dracula.” Dracula is not recommended for children due to his behaviour. However, Dracula may become popular among kids if it is considered that Dracula was charismatic and humorous in his last years.