Things To Know Before Your European Holidays

A tourist from Australia who is planning to travel to Europe must first know which flight is the cheapest. Once you are in Europe, you will find it much cheaper to travel the next destination. It is common to pay less than $900 for flights from Sydney, Sydney, Milan Paris, Paris and Rome to Warsaw. London and Copenhagen will cost you slightly less than $1000, but Venice and Kiev will be more.


Here are some things to remember after you’ve booked your tickets and created your itinerary. You can read the following to learn more.

Here are some things an Australian tourist should be aware of when he travels to Europe.

Each country requires a SIM card. For every country you visit, you will need a new SIM card.

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How to save money

Europe, as you all know is very expensive. You do have two options to save money. The first is to live as a local, and eat in inexpensive restaurants. The second option is to travel to less-expensive places such as South Spain, Berlin and Portugal. But if your primary goal is to see the Eiffel Tower, or feel the French connection, then you’ll need more.


Take a stroll in the middle-of-afternoon to see all of the doors and windows shut. These people will go on a siesta, and then return to work after 4 pm. Don’t forget the evening shopping!

Take your pick of places to eat

Although you will find some Michelin 5-star dining options and local bistros that would satisfy your culinary needs, you may also come across restaurants with average food quality. You should do your research before you jump into your gastronomic adventure.

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Italy is where you get coffee

Most European coffee shops won’t make you the kind of coffee you like. Italy is likely the only place where coffee can live up the standards you expect.

Wine is water

You can’t go on holiday to Europe without tasting the finest wines. They aren’t just affordable; they also come with a large variety.

Smoking everywhere: As an Australian, it might seem that no one has ever stopped smoking. Most public places will be filled with fumes.

Locals eat late

You’re probably an average Australian who eats promptly or before. There are two dinner times for most restaurants that tourists love: one at 7 pm for tourists, and one at 9:30 for locals. But, for a truly memorable experience and to mix with locals, you need to eat late.

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Friendly Atmosphere

Everybody you can imagine, from young to old has a tendency “to hang out”. Places and piazzas are always bustling with people. Europeans never forget to take care of their loved ones. Talking to locals can help you improve your itinerary options.

Europe is only a short distance away. All you need is a day to travel from one side to the next. Make sure to book your dates so you can experience amazing food and people.