The Best Places to See in Athens

There are many things to do in Athens. Athens offers a variety of great attractions, an amazing nightlife, and famous cuisine. It is difficult to decide where you should go first. In reality, you don’t need to see all of it. Instead, you should visit a few tourist attractions first and then take your sweet time. You can get the most of your tour by following these tips.



Acropolis in Athens is one of the most visited tourist attractions. This site is one of the most visited sites from antiquity in the Western world. It is a stunning site. You can see the Parthenon from the marble steps. From here, you can see the best of the city. If you don’t like heat, you might want to visit the area earning in the early morning.

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Plaka, a second great place to visit after Acropolis. This is the oldest district of the city. This Ottoman district is full of beautiful architecture, boutiques, cafes, and other amenities. Plaka’s streets can be overwhelming. Cafes are a great place to enjoy your favorite coffee or ouzo. Plaka’s true beauty is best experienced in the evening. Plaka also has great, evocative hotels in Athens. Acropolis House pension, which dates back from the 19th century, is a good place to take a look at a Greek house.

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A visit to one of the museums can help you get some relief from the heat. These museums contain amazing collections of exquisite stuff. You can visit either the National Archaeological Museum or the Acropolis Museum. You’ll have a great experience there.


The central Market

Varvakios Agora in Athens is the most popular market. You’ll see lots of people and bustle here. You can get everything you need from olive oils to fresh meat. In addition to this, people from all walks can be found in this market. The best tavernas are found in the meat markets.


Herodes Atticus Odeon lets you enjoy Homer’s lines, dance moves, and orchestras. This magnificent venue is as magical and captivating as any of the other performances in the world.

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Athens nights are filled with music, dance, and other such things. Perivolitou Ouranou club has a very special atmosphere. It’s full of sounds of guitars and mandolins as well as violins.

You should definitely visit these places if Athens is on your list.


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