5 Attractions of Vietnam – Palces You Should See

Vietnam offers beautiful scenery from untouched islands to charming villages to colonial structures to ancient citadels and war museums. Vietnam offers both natural beauty and cultural diversity in an astonishing combination. This country is rich in history. You’ll be amazed at the vibrant experience and unforgettable memories.


1. Hanoi – The frenetic capital

Hanoi is both the cultural capital and historical cradle. Hanoi is where you will find the best way to explore Vietnamese city life. Tourists can take a stroll along busy boulevards lined with trees, enjoy coffee at small cafes, and visit places like the Presidential Palace. Hanoi is famous for its rivers, lakes and mountains. It boasts 18 gorgeous lakes.

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2. Mekong Delta

The Mekong River Delta, or “the river that has nine dragons”, is an iconic place in Vietnam. It is home to one of the longest rivers on the planet. People live along the water. Families of fishermen and small farmers co-exist harmoniously with the river. Explore the Vietnamese way of life, from agriculture to fishing to markets to transport. By crisscrossing villages, you can experience the tranquility of the rice field and get fresh air.

3. Dalat – The “little Paris”

Dalat is a mountain city known for its vegetable and fruit production. Dalat is known for its French colonial architecture. This makes it a popular destination for honeymooners who love the fresh air, lush valleys and stunning waterfalls. It was inspired by Deauville’s station. The Eiffel Tower is the radio antenna. Renting a scooter is a better option to take a tour of Dalat. The city is vast and many attractions are outside the city.

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4. Halong Bay

A cruise is an important part of your North Vietnam vacation. Halong Bay is a key attraction in Vietnam that has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage. It represents the eighth wonders of the world, a total shift in scenery. From the emerald water, there are nearly 1969 islands and islets. This bay is breathtaking with its lush and mysterious landscapes. Its caves are a marvel of nature.

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5. Sapa

Sapa’s nature is perfect for those who love trekking. You can enjoy stunning views of Sapa’s jungle and mountain ranges from the hills. The area’s mountainous terrain is famous for its stunning hilly landscapes, its biodiversity and terraced rice farms. Explore and discover the culture of ethnic minorities. Stroll through the city to find the colonial villas and Mount Rong. Visit Sapa’s huge market, where the mountain ethnic groups sell their goods. Saturday morning marks the start of the huge market for ethnic minority groups. A guide is recommended to make the Muong Hoa Valley hike easy. Hmong tribes meet Khmer blacks and Giay.